General Interest How does the uScope know where focus is?
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  • uScope Navigator V4.0 and Later

Article ID: NGN1246 — Created: 5 Apr 2019 — Reviewed: 27 Jul 2020


When I insert a new slide, how does the uScope know where to position the objective to get focus?


Each time you set the focus point of the objective, the uScope Navigator Application saves the objective position. This Last Focus position is saved in the uScope configuration file.

When a new slide is inserted into the uScope, the Last Focus position is used as the initial focus. In most cases, if you use the same type of slide and coverslip, this provides very good initial focus. From there, you would typically use either the Auto-Focus button to automatically adjust the focus or the Manual Focus buttons to manually focus the image.

In most cases, the Auto-Focus button brings the image into perfect focus. However, the auto-focus only searches for the best focus in a fairly small range (±100um). So, if the objective is positioned too far from the best focus point, Auto-Focus can not find the ideal focus.

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