General Interest What are "Whole Scan Images"?
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Information in this article applies to:

  • uScope Navigator V4.5 and Later

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What are "Whole Scan Images"? I see references to whole scan images in your software and on your web site but I don't know what these are.


The term, Whole Scan Image, is a generic term that means any large, image created from the fields in a scanned region of interest (typically, from a microscope slide). Whole scan images may be saved in a number of different image formats, for example: SVS (or Tiled TIFF), EasyZoom (SZI), or Deep Zoom.

A common characteristic of whole scan images is that they can be (and typically are) huge images (over 50,000×50,000 pixels)—which makes them too large to be represented in standard image formats (like JPEG, BMP, or PNG) and frequently too large to be viewed without special image viewers.

  • Whole Scan Images have been called whole slide images by some scanner vendors.
  • uScope Navigator v4.3 and earlier referred to whole scan images as Deep Zoom. However, with the addition of SVS and EasyZoom images, the nomenclature "Deep Zoom" was inaccurate and was changed to Whole Scan Image in uScope Navigator v4.5.
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