General Interest About the uScope Navigator v4.7 Update
General Interest

Information in this article applies to:

  • uScope Navigator V4.7

Article ID: NGN2370 — Created: 1 Aug 2022 — Reviewed: 10 Aug 2022

About the uScope Navigator 4.7 Update

The uScope Navigator v4.7 Update is recommended for all users of uScope Navigator 4. This update improves the stability of your uScope Slide Scanner and adds new features.

To download the latest release of uScope Navigator...

  1. Visit the Support Section of the Microscopes International web site.
  2. Select Download Software Updates from the support page.
  3. Enter your contact details and product information to access the latest updates.

You must register your product to download product updates.

System Requirements for 4.7

Your PC and uScope must meet the following requirements to be compatible with uScope Navigator v4.7:

  • Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, or Windows 10 Operating System
  • uScopeMXII, uScopeHXII, uScopeDX, or uScopeGX
  • uScope Serial Number beginning with M2D, H2D, D2D, or G2D
  • uScope with Platform Controller Firmware A15.016 or later (how to locate your firmware version)

Features Added in 4.7

The following features have been added to uScope Navigator v4.7.

Deep Zoom Image Viewer

  • Updated the integrated web browser component.

Device Settings


  • Improved the speed of moving the stage in cases where retracting the objective is required.

Issues Addressed in 4.7

The following issues have been addressed in uScope Navigator v4.7.

Deep Zoom Image Viewer

Job Information

  • When editing the Job details for a scan, the Summary and Comments Fields were not always populated and appeared blank. This has been addressed.
  • When editing the Job details, the Comments Field treated the Enter key as though the OK button had been pressed. Now, the Enter key inserts a blank line into the comment text.

Multi-Layer Scanning

Whole Scan Images

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