uScope Navigator (Install) Drivers Will Not Install
uScope Navigator (Install)

Information in this article applies to:

  • uScope Navigator V4.3 and Earlier

Article ID: NIN1160 — Created: 9 Mar 2018 — Reviewed: 11 Mar 2018


Drivers are usually installed when you install the uScope Navigator software. On Windows 10 Version 1607 and later, uScope drivers may not install in all cases. You can verify this by checking Device Manager in Windows as shown in the following knowledge base article:

If Device Manager indicates that the uScope driver is not installed or is improperly installed, you should attempt to manually install the drivers as shown in the following knowledge base article:

If the drivers install successfully, you are ready to start using the uScope with your PC.

Update Drivers If the installer displays an error message (Code 52, for instance) about incompatible or unsigned drivers, you may need to make a BIOS setting change to your PC.


Recent desktop and laptop PCs include a feature called Secure Boot. If Secure Boot is enabled, the uScope drivers included with uScope Navigator v4.3 and earlier (even though they are signed using an extended validation certificate) may not install properly. In this case, you must disable the Secure Boot BIOS setting in order for the drivers to install properly.


If Secure Boot is enabled (On) you must disable it in the BIOS to successfully install the uScope drivers. Refer to the following knowledge base article to learn how to check the Secure Boot setting and how to disable it:

Once Secure Boot is disabled, manually install the drivers as shown in the following knowledge base article:


We are currently working to bring the uScope drivers into full compliance with Microsoft. Updated drivers will be available from this website as soon as possible.

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