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uScope Navigator (Preferences)

Information in this article applies to:

  • uScope Navigator V4.3

Article ID: NPF1145 — Created: 5 Feb 2018 — Reviewed: 5 Feb 2018


Create Deep Zoom Dialog After installing uScope Navigator 4.3, I am unable to create a Deep Zoom image using the default settings after scanning a slide.

The default settings do not seem to be set to create a Deep Zoom image.


You are correct. This issue is caused by default Deep Zoom settings that do not create a Deep Zoom image set.


Deep Zoom Options (Before Changes) The default Deep Zoom settings include a potentially unnecessary pre-process and exclude an output image. For most scans, the best starting point includes the following settings:

  • — Filter: --None--
  • Post-Process: --None--
  • Output Formats: Open SeaDragon

In addition to the Open SeaDragon format, you may wish to create a Tiled TIF (SVS) image as well.

Deep Zoom Options (After Changes) You can change the default settings for the Create Deep Zoom dialog from the Program Settings — Deep Zoom Options dialog to meet your requirements.

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