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Too Many Errors Attempting to Process Camera Data
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Information in this article applies to:

  • uScope Navigator V4.3 and Later

Article ID: NPF1150 — Created: 14 Feb 2018 — Reviewed: 14 Feb 2018


Camera Error: Too many errors... When calibrating the cameras or when scanning a slide, a Camera Error window appears displaying the following message:

Too many errors attempting to process camera data.

Select a slower camera speed on the Advanced Settings panel in Program Options and try again.

What does this error message indicate and what should I do to fix it?


This message is caused when the camera transmits data over the USB port faster than the computer can respond. This can occur on slow computers or when using a sub-standard USB2 port. This error can also occur when connecting the uScope to a USB3 port.


If you receive this message, you must slow the camera speed to a level that your computer can process. Refer to the following knowledge base article for more information:

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