Program Settings Navigator Freezes Showing "Device Is Initializing"
Program Settings

Information in this article applies to:

  • uScope Navigator V4.0 and Later

Article ID: NPF1253 — Created: 17 May 2019 — Reviewed: 29 Aug 2019


After connecting and power on the uScope, the Control Panel in uScope Navigator displays Device is Initializing and freezes (locks-up).


The Device is Initializing message appears when the uScopeGX is aligning the polarizer and analyzer in the polarized light path. If the uScope Navigator Application freezes or locks-up during this operation the most likely cause is that the camera speed is too fast for the PC or Laptop.


In most cases, the uScope Navigator Application provides a warning if the camera speed is too fast for the computer you are using (Too Many Errors Attempting to Process Camera Data). However, this warning may not always appear.

Refer to the following knowledge base article for details on how to adjust the camera speed for your computer.

If you experience this problem, disconnect or power down the uScope and you should then be able to access the Program Options panel.

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