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Region Scan Fields are not Blended When scanning a region of interest, fields are not blended together very well. As shown, you can easily see the fields in the white area of the scan do not blend from field to field.


There could be several causes for this problem.

  • The illuminator setting may be too bright.
  • The objective camera may not be properly color balanced.
  • A new flat-field image may need to be acquired from the objective camera.


To resolve this problem you will need to check your illuminator settings or recalibrate the objective camera.

Checking the Illuminator Setting

The illuminator setting for the objective camera ranges from 0 (off) to 100 (full brightness).

  • For the uScopeMXII, uScopeHXII, and uScopeDX, the nominal illuminator setting is 35.
  • For the uScopeGX, the nominal illuminator setting is 15.

Sometimes (especially for thick or dark specimens) you may need to increase the illuminator level above 35. Be careful not to increase the illuminator so much that the white parts of the image are over-saturated.

Overly bright illumination can cause the effects shown when a flat-field correction filter is applied to the objective camera images. Since the default settings apply a flat field filter, you may try disabling flat field correction for the scan. You can set the filter for the scan to None and scan a small area to see if that corrects the issue.

If the illumination is set to a value higher than 35, reset it (back down to 35) and rescan a small area to determine if that has corrected the problem. If it does correct the issue, your illumination setting was too high

Recalibrating the Objective Camera

If your illuminator is set appropriately, the objective camera might simply require recalibration. Recalibration automatically white-balances the camera and re-captures the flat-field image. Refer to the following knowledge base article to learn how to recalibrate the objective camera.

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