Scan Mode Region of Interest Selection too Large
Scan Mode

Information in this article applies to:

  • uScope Navigator V4.2.1

Article ID: NSC1070 — Created: 19 Sep 2017 — Reviewed: 24 Aug 2018


ROI Selection Box Too LargeSometimes, when selecting a region of interest for scanning, the region box displayed is disproportionately large. The region selection box fills the overview image but indicates that the scanned area is a single field (1x1).


This problem is caused by a mapping problem in the uScope Navigator software. It only exhibits itself immediately after changing the Overview Camera Filter selection on the Device Settings panel.

To duplicate this problem...

  1. Overview Camera Filter SettingOpen the Device Settings Tab.
  2. Change the Filter used for the Overview Camera.
  3. Save and Exit.
  4. Select a region to scan from the Overview Image.


To correct this problem, you must exit and restart the uScope Navigator application. You do not need to re-boot or re-start your computer.


This problem is corrected in uScope Navigator v4.3.

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