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Information in this article applies to:

  • uScope Navigator V4.3 and Later

Article ID: NSC1092 — Created: 15 Nov 2017 — Reviewed: 17 Nov 2017


It is possible to combine (stitch) fields from a scanned region of interest while the slide is being scanned?


Deep Zoom Settings Yes. Starting with uScope Navigator version 4.3 you can optionally combine fields while scanning. You may enable or disable this option from the Program Settings — Deep Zoom Options tab.

Fields captured when scanning a region of interest must be combined (stitched) before the deep zoom or SVS (tiled TIFF) image are created. Prior to uScope Navigator version 4.3, fields were combined when creating the deep zoom image. Combining fields is a process that can take considerable time for large area scans. Many PCs or Laptops are able to combine fields in the background while scanning the region of interest. Best performance is achieved by computer with a multi-core/multi-threaded CPU.

If your CPU only has two cores and isn't multi-threaded, enabling this option may not improve performance.

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