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Scan Mode

Information in this article applies to:

  • uScope Navigator V4.5 and Later

Article ID: NSC1179 — Created: 20 Aug 2019 — Reviewed: 22 Aug 2019


uScope Navigator v4.5 allows you to select and scan multiple analyzer angles when using the uScopeGX polarizing slide scanner.

  1. Load the slide into the uScope and click the Load Slide button.
  2. When the slide loads and the Overview Image appears, select the region to scan.
  3. After selecting a region, you can use drag the selection box handles (the small squares on the corners and sides) to change the selection area.
  4. Click the Analyzer Angle(s) button to open the Analyzer Angle Configuration dialog where you can select either a single analyzer angle, an interval of angles, or specific analyzer angles to scan (see below for more details).
  5. When you have selected the region to scan and angle(s) at which to scan, click the Start Scan button and proceed to scan as normal.

More Information

There are three different ways to select the analyzer angle(s) when scanning with the uScopeGX.

Polarized Scanning: One AngleSingle Angle Scanning

If you need to scan a single using a single analyzer angle, select Scan at only one angle and enter or select the angle measure.

Polarized Scanning: IntervalScanning at Regular Intervals

If you need to scan at several analyzer angles at regular intervals (like 0°, 45°, 90° or 0°, 30°, 60°, 90°), select Angles at regular intervals and enter starting angle, ending angle, and the step size. The list of angles to be scanned displays and is updated as you change the settings.

Polarized Scanning: Selected AnglesScanning Selected Angles

If you need to scan at several irregular angles, select Use selected angles and select the desired analyzer angles from the list shown.

Angles are listed in 5° increments from 0° to 90°. The BF selection indicates bright-field.

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