Scan Mode Predictive Focus Blank Field Detection
Scan Mode

Information in this article applies to:

  • uScope Navigator V4.5.1 and Later

Article ID: NSC1294 — Created: 28 Dec 2019 — Reviewed: 28 Dec 2019


The Predictive Focus method begins by collecting a grid of prediction points (fields) of the selected region of interest to scan. Starting in uScope Navigator v4.5.1 blank-fields in the prediction grid are detected. This speeds up the prediction points acquisition and helps eliminate focus creep.


In uScope Navigator v4.5 and earlier, each prediction point is exhaustively focused. When a field is blank, this could cause some small focus errors. If multiple prediction points are blank, focus could creep far enough that portions of the scan are out of focus.

Starting in uScope Navigator 4.5.1, prediction points are tested to determine if they are blank and, if so, are skipped for the prediction grid. This has the effect of significantly reducing the amount of focus creep. The result is better focused scans.

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