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Article ID: NSC2312 — Created: 10 Aug 2020 — Reviewed: 26 Aug 2020


Scan Field Image Looks StrangeWhen scanning, sometimes a field image looks strange as shown. There are blocks that are green or pink in color. What could be the problem?


This problem is caused when image data transmitted over USB is lost due to a computer performance issue (the computer was too busy doing other tasks to get data from the USB port). When this happens, the computer continues receiving image data but doesn't know that a packet is missing.

The out-of-order data packets are combined in a way that shifts the RGB values of the resulting image and this causes the blocks of various colors.


To resolve this problem, you must adjust the camera speed.


In browse mode, this problem is detected and is reported.

However, when scanning a region of interest, these errors are not detected because the only form of resolution is to adjust camera speed and re-scan the slide.

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