Scan Mode CPL and Z-Stack of Geological Slides
Scan Mode

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  • uScope Navigator V4.5 and Later

Article ID: NSC2380 — Created: 12 Apr 2021 — Reviewed: 12 Apr 2021


Is it possible to scan a geological slide in polarized light and create a Z-Stack and composite EDF image?

If so, is there any advantage in doing so?

Left Side: Predictive Focus; Right Side: Z-Stack (7 layers)Answer

Yes. This is certainly possible. An EDF Software License is required to create the EDF composite image from the Z-Stack.

It's hard to say whether there is any advantage in creating Z-Stacks of geological thin sections.

The image to the right compares the output of a single-layer scan using predictive focus (the image on the left) with a 7-layer Z-stack EDF composite image (on the right). If you look closely, you can see some additional detail in the EDF image (the right side) compared with the single-layer scan (the left side).

It is up to the user to determine if this additional scanning and processing is worth the modest improvement to the image.

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