Scan Mode Tips for Faster EDF Scans
Scan Mode

Information in this article applies to:

  • uScope Navigator V4.5 and Later

Article ID: NSC2392 — Created: 27 Aug 2021 — Reviewed: 27 Aug 2021


Multi-Layer scans are usually very thick and can take a long time to complete. The following tip can help quickly home-in on the best focus range for the scan.


  1. Determine your preferred step size for the objective. Refer to Multi-Layer Focus Scan Settings for suggested step sizes.
  2. Determine a suitable range (number of layers) for the region of interest and specimen. You will likely need to browse the slide to determine the extents of the in-focus parts of the specimen.
  3. Double or Quadruple the step size and reduce the number of layers by the same factor. For instance, if your preferred step size is 50 and range is 21 layers, set the step size to 200 and the number of layers to 5 or 7. This will complete the scan about four (4) times faster.
  4. Scan the ROI and create a deep zoom EDF image to review.
  5. If everything is mostly in focus, the range is likely acceptable. Decrease the step size,& increase the number of layers, and re-scan the specimen.
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