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Article ID: NVW1062 — Created: 27 Jul 2017 — Reviewed: 26 Feb 2018


Field Set Viewer While ScanningWhile scanning a slide, the uScope Navigator software captures and displays each field captured by the objective camera.

If you zoom in on the field set (either while scanning or using the Field Set Viewer) images are blurry.


The field set images are blurry by design.

Field Set Viewer Zoomed-InThe Field Set Viewer does not display scanned fields in full resolution due to memory limitations of some PCs. This is a limitation that may be addressed in future releases of the uScope Navigator software.


There are several ways to view the full-resolution images.

  • Right-click on a field in the Field Set Viewer to open the context menu and open an individual field image.
  • Create a deep zoom image set from the field set. This creates a large, full-resolution image you can view using the deep zoom image viewer.
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