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Information in this article applies to:

  • uScope Navigator V4.0 and Later

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How do I view the regions of interest that I scan with the uScope?


There are several ways to view the images you scan with the uScope.

  • Field Set Viewer
    Immediately after scanning a region of interest, the field images may be viewed using the Field Set Viewer.
  • Deep Zoom Viewer
    Further image processing can create Deep Zoom Whole Scan Images that you may view with the Deep Zoom Viewer.
  • Third-Party Image Viewers
    SVS Images (Tiled TIFF) can be created and viewed using the image viewers built in to Windows and MacOS or other third-party image viewers.

Field Set Viewer

The Field Set Viewer lets you view the original field images captured when scanning. This viewer displays the field images in a tiled mosaic. It shows each field only in reduced resolution. If the images in the scan have been overlapped and combined (stitched), they will appear properly overlapped in this viewer.


  • The Field Set Viewer loads all images quickly.
  • No processing is required after a region has been scanned.
  • A full-screen mode displays each field in full resolution and may be preferable to a stitched image viewer.


  • Field images are shown in a reduced resolution.
  • Exporting full-sized images is not possible.

Deep Zoom Viewer

The Deep Zoom Viewer lets you view images created in the Deep Zoom image format. This file format is a pyramidal image structure that is optimized for image delivery over the web. However, it lends itself to any huge image. The uScope Navigator software builds Deep Zoom images natively after a region of interest is scanned.


  • Once processing is complete, the Deep Zoom Viewer opens very quickly.
  • Deep Zoom Images are full resolution and may be zoomed in and out to any resolution.
  • The Deep Zoom Viewer allows you to easily export cropped regions of interest from the whole scan image.


  • After scanning, some processing time is required to required to build and output a Deep Zoom Image before it can be viewed.

MacOS Preview
Windows Photo Viewer
Windows Photos

These standard applications included with the Mac and Windows PCs can view Tiled TIFF (SVS) images that the uScope Navigator creates from your scanned slides.


  • Tiled TIFF Images are contained in a single file.
  • Several different resolution images are included in the Tiled TIFF Image.
  • Tiled TIFF Images are full resolution.
  • It is easy to share Tiled TIFF images with colleagues.


  • After scanning, some processing time is required to required to build and output a Tiled TIFF Image before it can be viewed.
  • Tiled TIFF images can be quite large.
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