uScope Navigator (Viewing)

Viewing Scanned Images
uScope Navigator (Viewing)

Information in this article applies to:

  • uScope Navigator V4.0 and Later

Article ID: NVW1066 — Created: 4 Aug 2017 — Reviewed: 1 Sep 2017


How do I view the regions of interest that I scan with the uScope?


There are several ways to view the images you scan with the uScope.

Field Set Viewer

The Field Set Viewer gives you an overview of each field included in a scan. It shows each field only in reduced resolution. If the images in the scan have been overlapped and combined, they will appear properly overlapped in this viewer.


  • The Field Set Viewer loads all images quickly.
  • No processing is required after a region has been scanned.


  • Field images are shown in a reduced resolution.
  • Exporting full-sized images is not possible.

Deep Zoom Viewer

The Deep Zoom Viewer


  • Once processing is complete, the Deep Zoom Viewer opens very quickly.
  • Deep Zoom Images are full resolution.


  • After scanning, processing time of about one minute per 1,000 fields is required to build a Deep Zoom Image before it can be viewed.

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