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Information in this article applies to:

  • uScope Navigator V4.5 and Later

Article ID: NVW1177 — Created: 21 Aug 2019 — Reviewed: 6 Sep 2019


Deep Zoom Viewer-Region Selector uScope Navigator v4.5 introduces a region selector to the Deep Zoom Image Viewer when scanning multiple regions of interest from a slide.


Previous versions of uScope Navigator created multiple regions as separate scans and deep zoom images. uScope Navigator v4.5 now groups multiple scanned regions from the same slide in the same job folder.

In addition, the Deep Zoom image viewer has been updated to provide a drop-down selection box to select the region to display. When you select a different region from the drop-down box, the selected region is immediately loaded and displayed.

Deep Zoom Viewer-ROI OverviewWhen the region is changed, the scan information dialog is updated to show details for the selected region of interest. The overview image is updated to show the boundary of the selected region.

Changes to filter settings in the Deep Zoom Image Viewer (brightness, contrast, gamma) as well as position and zoom are retained when you switch regions.

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