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Information in this article applies to:

  • uScope Navigator V4.3 and Later

Article ID: NVW1273 — Created: 9 Aug 2019 — Reviewed: 16 Dec 2020


The Field Set Viewer in uScope Navigator displays scan field images in a mosaic. Scan fields are not stitched together in this viewer. Instead, they are positioned at predetermined locations.

  • Prior to uScope Navigatorv 4.3, the Field Set Viewer positions scan fields depending on the amount of overlap used when scanning.
  • Starting in uScope Navigator v4.3, the Field Set Viewer positions scan fields in their precise, stitched position—if scan fields have been combined (stitched) into a Whole Scan Image.


Prior to uScope Navigator v4.3, the Field Set Viewer used estimated overlap calculations to display the field set from a scanned region of interest. Scans viewed in the older software versions are close but not precisely positioned and may exhibit overlap errors.

Starting with uScope Navigator v4.3, the Field Set Viewer uses the actual stitch data to display the field set using the actual overlap data. Scans viewed with v4.3 and later display the fields in their exact final position. Stitch data is generated when the scanned fields are combined either while scanning (if the Combine Fields while Scanning option is selected) or when a Whole Scan Image is generated.

The Field Set Viewer is resolution-limited and scales the field set for large regions of interest. You must use one of the whole scan image formats to view a full-resolution image. The deep zoom image viewer is intended specifically for this purpose.

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