Whole Scan Images Creating Tiled TIFF (SVS) Images
Whole Scan Images

Information in this article applies to:

  • uScope Navigator V4.3 and Later

Article ID: NWS1063 — Created: 15 Nov 2017 — Reviewed: 1 Sep 2020


Can the uScope Navigator software save my scanned slides as tiled TIFF images?


Tiled TIFF (SVS) images are supported starting with uScope Navigator version 4.3. By default, tiled TIFF images are stored in the TiledTIFF folder under each job folder.

Creating a Tiled TIFF ImageTo create a tiled TIFF image...

  1. Click the Create Deep Zoom button from the Job Explorer or from the uScope Control Panel after scanning a region of interest.
  2. On the Create Deep Zoom dialog, under Output Format(s), select

    Tiled TIF (SVS).
  3. Click the Create Deep Zoom button to begin creating the tiled TIFF image.

To set default options to create a Tiled TIFF image...

  1. Setting Tiled TIFF Image OptionsSelect the Program Settings — Deep Zoom Options tab from the Program Settings dialog.
  2. Under Output Format(s), select

    Tiled TIF (SVS).
  3. Select Save and Exit to make your changes permanent.
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