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Whole Scan Images

Information in this article applies to:

  • uScope Navigator V4.5 and Earlier

Article ID: NWS2346 — Created: 13 Nov 2020 — Reviewed: 7 Dec 2020


In very rare instances in uScope Navigator v4.5 and earlier, field images that are stitched together to create a whole scan image are not scaled correctly in the rendered/output image. Whole scan images appear with a black border or gutter around each field image (as shown).

Correctly Scaled Field Images
Correctly Scaled Fields
Improperly Scaled Field Images
Improperly Scaled Fields


This problem is caused when the scanned field image has a resolution that is set to a value other than 96DPI.


A work-around is to change the resolution setting for all images to 96DPI using a utility like ImageMagick—an open-source image creator, editor, composer, and converter that is readily available for a number of different platforms.

Use the following command line to convert all field images in the specified folder to 96DPI.

for %f in (C:\images\job\uS-X*.jpg) do magick convert -set density 96 "%~ff" "%~df%~pf%~nf.jpg"

Always make a backup copy of your job folder before making changes like those shown in this article. These are your source images and they cannot be recovered if they are destroyed or overwritten.


This issue has been corrected in uScope Navigator v4.6.

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