Whole Scan Images Adding Watermarks to Field Images
Whole Scan Images

Information in this article applies to:

  • uScope Navigator V4.5 and Later

Article ID: NWS2365 — Created: 1 Mar 2021 — Reviewed: 11 Mar 2021


Is it possible to add a watermark or text to field images so that I can easily identify the field from the whole scan image?


Yes. This is certainly possible. You must copy and modify the field images in your scan folder to accomplish this. Refer to Job Folder Structure (uScope Navigator v4.5) for details on the structure of the job folders.

  1. Start by making a backup copy of the field images in the job folder.

    1. We suggest making a folder named FieldImages (for the original field images) and a folder FieldImagesWM (for the watermarked images).

    2. Copy all of the original field images into each folder.

    3. You may wish to make a ZIP file of the original field images for safety. To do so:

      1. Select all field images.

      2. Right click within the selection list.

      3. Select Send to > from the context menu.

      4. Select Compressed (zipped) folder from the next context menu.

      5. When complete, name the ZIP file appropriately.

  2. Using image processing software that adds watermarks to an image, modify the images in the FieldImagesWM folder to include a watermark of the filename. It is best to position the watermark in the middle of the image so that is does not extend to within 25% of the edge of the image.

  3. At this point, you should have...

    1. A copy of the original field images in the FieldImages folder.

    2. A copy of the field images with the watermark in the FieldImagesWM folder.

    Original Field Image
    Original Field Image
    Watermarked Field Image
    Watermarked Field Image
  4. Copy the watermarked images into the job folder.

  5. Whole Scan Image with Watermarked FieldsCreate (or re-create) your whole scan image. The watermarked field images are used to create the new whole scan image. And, the filename appears in the center of each field in the final image (as shown).


It is important to keep the top, bottom, left, and right 200 pixels clear of watermarking or text. These areas are used when combining field images and any changes will likely affect image stitching.

After the watermarked whole scan image is created, you may wish to rename its file or folder and restore the original field images to the job folder.

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