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Whole Scan Images

Information in this article applies to:

  • uScope Navigator V4.6 and Later

Article ID: NWS2366 — Created: 1 Mar 2021 — Reviewed: 2 May 2021


Incorrectly Output Whole Scan ImageWhen creating a whole scan image, it appears that the field images are not stitched together correctly (as shown). Is there a calibration or other problem with my uScope?


The problem you are seeing has nothing to do with calibration of the uScope. It most likely has to do with a lack of RAM in your PC. When the RAM available to the uScope Navigator application or Windows is too low, strange failures occur that manifest with the crazily output whole scan image shown.


Correctly Output Whole Scan ImageWe have observed this problem with PCs with 8BG of RAM or less running on Windows 10. In each case, adding more RAM (to a total of 16GB) corrected the issue (as shown).


In this case, the field images are stitched correctly. It is simply the output to the final whole scan image that is problematic.

You do not need to re-scan your slide(s) to correct this problem.
Once you have added more RAM to your PC, create a new whole scan image for each scan.

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