How do you get a Specimen to an Expert on the Other Side of the World?


Are you still shipping your microscope slides using expensive, overnight delivery services? What if there was a faster, more reliable way to share those slides with experts around the globe in just a few minutes? Do you think the solution will be break-the-bank expensive? If you do you should check out the uScope Digital Whole Slide Scanner.

What is a uScope?

The uScope is a fully automated whole slide scanner. You select the region of interest you wish to scan and the uScope does the rest. The uScope has a scan speed of around six minutes for a 15mm x 15mm region. Scanned fields are combined into a large, beautiful image that can be saved in a variety of formats (TIFF, PNG, JPG, BMP) to suit your needs.

How is the uScope Different from Other Whole Slide Scanners?

Traditional whole slide scanners are large, bulky and expensive. Hundreds of slides from dozens of labs are queued up and scanned in order — while you wait and wait for your images. The uScope family of whole slide scanners are small, portable, and cost-effective. The uScope enables small labs and individuals to scan their own slides without waiting for access to the "big" scanner.

Scanning a Slide with the uScope...

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Is it Easy to Share Scanned Slides?

Yes it is! Once your slide is scanned, the uScope provides plenty of ways to share it with others around the world.

  1. Send the RAW image fields (via file sharing service) and let your peers process and analyze them.
  2. Create and share a tiled TIFF file (via file sharing service). Tiled TIFF images can be opened using built-in image software on Macs and PCs.
  3. Create a deep zoom image to publish via your personal or corporate web site.

View some of our videos to see just how easy the uScope is to use.

How Much does a uScope Cost?

With a starting price under $10,000 USD and a scan speed of around six minutes (for a 15mm x 15mm region) the uScope is a very cost-effective solution for whole slide imaging. Request a quote for exact pricing details.

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What about Image Quality?

Low cost doesn't mean low quality. Check out the samples on our website we have scanned using various uScope models. Or you can send us a slide to scan before you buy to make sure the image quality will meet your needs.

Fern Prothalia MXII-20x SD

Dragonfly Wing MXII-20x SD

Geological 01 GX-20x HD

Male House Mosquito MXII-20x SD

Basalt GX-20x SD

How do we do it?

The uScope is designed and built in the USA by talented engineers, each with dozens of years of experience. We control the design and manufacturing of practically every part of the uScope — that's what keeps our costs low.

We use the best parts possible and employ ISO-certified vendors while balancing quality, cost, and performance.

What are some Other Benefits
of the uScope Whole Slide Scanner?

uScope Features...


Sounds Great! How do I get More Information?

Contact us today to receive product pricing and availability. Or, visit us at an upcoming trade show and let us show you the uScope family of Digital Whole Slide Scanners.

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Scan My Slide is a service that helps you evaluate the image quality of the uScope Digital Microscope.

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